Monday, 29 December 2008

last days of the orange bike

i really like how this thing rides and i like the teeny tiny frame that lets my knees knock together, but there are two things that have sealed it's fate.

a) those fucking sliding fucking dropouts.
b) it's not easy to shoulder on the inevitable portage sections.

(available for purchase btw, make me an offer - dropouts aren't that bad, i'm just a klutz)

new bike is already here, just waiting for a respray. should it be:

a) jobbie brown
b) olive drab
c) tip-top blue
d) another colour

votes via comments. thankyoukindly.

Friday, 26 December 2008


yo! i be on twitter.

join me. you knows you wants to.

UPDATE: but mebbe not for long. seems updating by SMS is kinda expensive on three. who'd have thunk the isle of man is "international" from here? bah!

Thursday, 25 December 2008


so. finished my shopping early yesterday and headed off to the cameo for a panini, a pint of go-slow-juice and gonzo: the life and work of dr hunter s. thompson.

do i have to explain about HST? really? thought not.

a film well worth seeing, but watch the bbc omnibus show fear and loathing in gonzovision too. remember when bbc2 used to have interesting stuff on it? this is one of those shows. fuckcelebritycomefuckingdancing or somescotchhistoryshowwiththatlonghairedwanker.

anyhoo. it was this in mind that i approached christmas day in B to the I. there was booze, there was metal, there was a missed soup course. god fucking dammit.

then i did the dishes. but not with a gun or anything. hmmm, need to work on that a bitty more.

don't we all...

Monday, 22 December 2008

bug in my bassbin

very little riding for me over the past couple of weeks. picked up a throat infection which kicked in the night before the scottish cx champs. bag was packed , extra chilli flakes put in embrocation and "recovery" drinks chilling in fridge. bah!

few days off work and an early decision not to pack a bike for mull. still had a great time. two days of watching racing, mucking about with friends and a leetle nonsense. more weekends like this in 2009 please. just with a little less rum and a lot less spew (not mine...).

managed to get out for a ride last thursday. a windy, rainy, muddy squirt along the coastal path to the concrete beach and back. felt good. damn good.

back to commuterbike today. hoping for a tailwind...

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

poond premes

the tspc poond premes are back.

big money to be won.

you'd better try hard this weekend athletes.



Saturday, 6 December 2008

goatee of filth

Sunday 12th April 2009. burntisland-kincardine-rumbling bridge-burntisland, then paris-roubaix on telly. at least two off tarmac sections and some pave. bring extra thick tyres.